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Read what some of our customers are saying about Luigi's Italian Cafe.

Luigi's Review by:  Rod S.

Rating: 4 stars
Sent:  9/23/2013

Yelp Review:  Cream sauce. If that makes your mouth water this is the place for you. I love their Luigi's Special. Chicken with a cream sauce with a little marinara added. Wow. The bread makes me think of Mom's bread and the Luigi salad and house dressing was awesome. HUGE amount of cheese and the dressing. And then the Spumoni ice cream. Different and full of flavor.....Service is always good and quick. Got a chicken Alfredo pizza for our son. He hates it when we eat out and don't include him at least in the left overs. He loved it. Sigh, should have gotten a bigger pizza.


Luigi's Review by:  Dimitri L.

Restaurant Location:  Commerce, TX

Rating:  4 stars

Date:  9/6/2013

Yelp Review:  Hands down Luigi's will provide you with the best dining experience in Commerce, Texas. The food is good and service always friendly. It is possibly the best italian food you will find in the Northeast Texas region.

In terms of the quality of the food provided I will rate it fair. Some dishes, particular the chicken Alfredo, appeared watered down. I am used to my sauce being on the think side. This is a matter of preference so I will not discredit them within this regard.

The garlic bread is awesome! The only downside I have found is that the restaurant is a bit on the chilly side. On all occasions that I have been there, it has been extremely cold. It would help if patrons hand a comfortable temperature in order to have a more rewarding experience.

Beyond its minor flaws, I recommend Luigi's.


Luigi's Review by:  Darin S.

Restaurant Location:  Commerce, TX

Rating:  5 stars

Date:  5/28/2013

Yelp Review:  While visiting my folks in Commerce, they suggested Luigi's.  Having grown up in Commerce, I didn't expect much.  I honestly was blown away by this place!  First, the building is like any nice established restaurant you would find in Dallas.  Second, the staff is very professional and, again, what you would expect in a large city.  The food was excellent!  I had the angel hair pasta and it was very good!  This is going to be my first stop for a meal when visiting my family again in Commerce.  It's great to have such a nice place in Commerce to dine!

Luigi's Review by:  Deana H.

Restaurant Location:  Commerce, TX

Rating:  5 stars

Date:  3/24/2013

Yelp Review:  Atmosphere was amazing.  Service was exceptional.  We were never out of bread, drinks nor did an empty plate sit for more than 30 seconds.  Loved it!


Luigi's Review by:  Mallory N.

Restaurant Location:  Commerce, TX

Rating:  5 stars

Date:  3/19/2013 First to Review

Yelp Review:  Fairly new to Commerce, a boring college town, Luigi's is hands down the best Italian restaurant in Northeast Texas.

The pizza is huge & only $12 for a large. I've tried half the menu thus far & everything, and I mean everything, tastes like Jesus made it. Damn good food.

Best part? Luigi's staff is exceptional. Best customer service I've seen in a long time. I will forever be a loyal Luigi's fan.

I'd give 'em 10 stars if I could!


Luigi's Review by: Shawn Burkett

Restaurant: Quinlan, TX

Sent: Wed 9/5/2012 2:30 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Yelp Review:  Awesome food! 5stars


Luigi's Review by: Cary Wright

Restaurant: Quinlan, TX

Sent: Mon 9/3/2012 4:44 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: I have worked in the Restaurant for many years and this place to be in a small town is great. The Pasta was excellent and very plentiful for the price. Garlic bread and salad very fresh. The manager a great person along with a service staff that made my meal a great experience. I have nothing but excellent for the two times that I have experienced eating at Luigi's in Quinlin Texas. A small town Restaurant that deserves 5 STARS for what they are doing to make Quinlin a place to be able to experience Fine Dining as we say in this business. I live on Lake Ray Hubbard close to the Rockwall and Royce City location but have only tried the Quinlin location. If you for any reason dine in this location remember " considering the time and $ amount it takes to prepare an Italian meal like you receive at Luigi's I think they have it the way we all like it" especilly when your wallet doesn't hurt and the mess is left for someone elese to clean up! 5 STARS! 5stars


Luigi's Review by : Kay Jemison

Restaurant: Rockwall, TX

Sent: Thu 6/21/2012 10:30 AM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: Wonderful place to or night! Food is great, service is excellent and atmosphere is among the best! 5stars


Luigi's Review by : Rachel

Restaurant: Rockwall, TX

Sent: Thu 5/31/2012 6:13 AM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: I know that it is a unwritten rule that a chef never gives his secrets. But I have moved to KCMO and dearly miss your Eggplant Parmesan.... I have found other recipes including Olive Garden's and Macaroni Grill, but they still have nothing on your\'s that I had in Rockwall TX... Is it at all possible for me to be lucky enough, if I promise on my life to never release it, to get your most wonderful and unmatchable recipe???? Please feel free to email me!!!! Thank You sooooo very much!!!! A Desperate Fan, Rachel 5stars


Luigi's Review by : amber leatherbury

Restaurant: Rockwall, TX

Sent: Thu 5/24/2012 7:35 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: I have been there twice!!! Bread was amazing! First time I had lasagna and it was absolutely fantastic! And this very last time I went I got chicken albanese!! Oh talk about melt in your mouth! I was drooling over it! Ever since then I've been craving it! I love this place!


Luigi's Review by : Jessica

Restaurant: Rockwall, TX

Sent: Mon 5/14/2012 4:42 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody should go here it\'s the best food I\'ve ever had in my life 5stars


Luigi's Review by:  Ruth Vaughan

Restaurant: Quinlan, TX

Sent: Fri 5/4/2012 12:48 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: We've never been disappointed in the food! Great pizza & great service! The only thing I would change is to make it a non-smoking place (in Quinlan, TX), or to enclose the smoking area. There isn't an isolated area for smokers & the smoke drifts over to the non-smoking area. Yuk!! 5stars


Luigi's Review by: Sandy Porter

Restaurant: Rockwall, TX

Sent: Sat 4/28/2012 9:34 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: Best place I have eaten 5stars


Luigi's Review by : Vince Williams / Jim Ramsey & Mindy Ramsey

Restaurant: Quinlan, TX

Sent: Thu 3/1/2012 5:27 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: Dino Deserves A+ & 10 - Excellent!!! White Cheese Pizza Best in the World!! Lobster Ravioli Best in the Country!!! Dino treats every Customer as if they are Family!!!!!!



Luigi's Review by : Jennifer K.

Restaurant: Rockwall, TX

Sent: Sat 2/11/2012 8:26 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: COME HUNGRY!!!!! GREAT food and AMAZING service!!! Everything we ordered was served to our table fast and hot and our glasses never stayed empty! I ordered the Shrimp Alvino (Jumbo shrimp sauteed with butter, garlic, lemon, white wine, and a touch of marinara over linguine pasta)... delicious!! Between the warm, freshly baked Italian bread with marinara on the side (we asked for the marinara), salad with house dressing (their house dressing is fantastic as well), I BARELY finished my dinner! My husband had the Philly cheese steak and I tried a bite... YUMM!!!!!!! We ordered the kids a large cheese pizza and added pepperoni. It was hot and FRESH and cooked to perfection! We walked out of there tonight asking ourselves \"Why haven\'t we tried this place sooner?!\" To feed my family of 6 that good, leave with a to-go box of pizza, and I had 2 glasses of wine for under $50, incredible! I know where we will be going for our Italian cravings from now on!


by: Annette M.

Restaurant: Quinlan, TX

Sent: 2/9/2012

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: Love this place. Great place to take a group or the whole family. Never had a dish I didn't like there. Love the one in Quinlan too. 5stars


Luigi's Review by : John N.

Restaurant: Rockwall, TX

Sent: 12/28/2011

How many Stars: 4 stars

Review: The potato dumpling dish wow sorry I don't remember the name ... a must have 5stars



Luigi's Review by : Glenn Hamilton

Sent: Sun 12/18/2011 4:28 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: Superb food and service. Thank you Strawberry! 5stars

When i think italin I think of luigi's!


by: Kelli

Sent: Wed 11/23/2011 9:14 AM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: The food was delicious! and the service was great! I love the happy freindly atmosphere. When i think italin I think of luigi's! keep up the good work!



The food is always fantastic!!!

Luigi's Review by : Dianna Pepper

Sent: Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 5:36 PM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: The food is always fantastic!!! My husband and I Drive from Gun Barrel City just to eat at Luigi's . We are always greeted by the owner . We have been trying to get them to open one here in Gun Barrel City .


The service was flawless!

Luigi's Review by : Frances McGlinn

Sent: Monday, October 17, 2011 at 8:42 AM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: I was there with a group of about 20 on Sunday for lunch. The service was flawless, the food was great. I did not heard a negative comment from anyone in our group. The pasta primavera was wonderful!


"Good for cheap eats"

Luigi's Review by : by Cnel (1 review)

Sent: October 8, 2011

Review: Nice family atmosphere. Wine list is minimal. Not much of a wine bar that was touted in a best wine bar in Dallas. Food was good and service was good too.


Luigi's Review by April

Sep 27, 2011

Great prices for lunch specials! Food was good and service was excellent. Only negative was that they don't give you olive oil with garlic bread, its $3 extra :(

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value, Portions


Luigi's Review by Brent ‎ - Sep 2, 2011

Lot's of food for the price.

Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value


"Best dining experience!"

Luigi's Review by : Bear (Oathcircle)

Sent: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 5:03 AM

Review: Luigi's is by far the best dining experience I've had for the price! Usually I get the lobster ravioli, which is absolutely divine! I, nor my friends, have ever had a single dish that was of poor quality. The food, service, atmosphere, and value are all wonderful. I go there as often as I can and shall continue to do so whilst I'm still living in Texas.


"Consistent, great homemade food"

Luigi's Review by : DS087 Dallas, Texas

Reviewed on: Friday August 5, 2011

Review: We have been to Luigi's several times. Everything is made from scratch from fresh ingredients. The restaurant is locally owned and managed by the friendly owner, Mario. A much better choice that any chain restaurant.

Visited July 2011


Luigi's Review by  megan (1 review)

August 4, 2011 - Likes it

This place is amazing!!! Owner very personal, food always amazing, reasonable prices, staff is helpful and nice. Will continue to go back!!! LOVE



Luigi's Review by Don S ‎ - Aug 3, 2011

Great traditional Italian Cooking Ken Sterling

Liked: Food



"My favorite Itailian restaurant!"

Luigi's Review by : Pamela Doyle

Sent: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 11:13 PM

Review: We have been going to Luigi's for about 15 years & it is still my favorite Itailian restaurant. We have recommend them to alot of our friends. The atmospher is great & The Luigi Family rocks.


Luigi's Review by : Amy K.

Rockwall, TX

Sent: 6/15/2011


Food: HUGE portions! We had leftovers for 2 days! Love it. The house salad was yummy as was the garlicky bread you get when you order your drinks. The husband's lasagna was by far the best thing was ordered. I kept stealing bites. I ordered the Tortellini Alla Panna, which was good. I suggest ordering the Alla Panna sauce to dip the garlic bread in. I can't remember what we ordered for the toddler - maybe ziti?? - but I remember it was pretty good and there was a lot of it! The only pitfall was that I felt the food was overly salty just a tad. Not enough that I couldn't eat it, but it definitely could have been less.

Service: Professional and polite. No complaints.

Atmosphere: Kind of like all the other family-owned Italian restaurants. Trying for Tuscan. Clean. Dim. Warm colors.

Value: Great b/c of all the leftovers.


Would I Go Back? Absolutely

Luigi's Review by : Bella Flores

Dallas, TX

Sent: 5/25/2011

Review: We go to Luigis because we truly do enjoy dinning there. Their food is delicious. I usually have their "Stuffed Trout with Linguini and Vegetables" which is Superb! It's not on the menu, it's a special that they sometimes have, so you have to ask for it. Or, I'll have their "Lobster Ravioli" You cannot go wrong with their Lobster Ravioli, it truly is the Best! I mean for the price, it's a good deal ---And I don't know about you guys, but I always judge a restaurant by their bread (or if it's a mexican restaurant, I judge them by their salsa) ---At Luigi's, the bread that they bring out to you, is so good! But, you really have to be careful, though. Because, you can get full on their bread :) I'm serious...Anyways i do recomend this restaurant. It's good and their prices are reasonable.


Luigi's Review by : Amanda Pullen

Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 1:23 PM

Review: Best Italian food! The best food and service in Rockwall! Very good prices too.


Luigi's Review by : Sean P.

Portland, OR


Best Italian in Rockwall or for a 10 mile radius.

You're thinking, well what about Olive Garden or Johnny Carino's or the new hip place Zanata's ?

Well, Zanata's is great, don't get me wrong, but it's expensive and open only late hours.

If you want to have lots of tasty Italian food, fresh bread, cozy private seats, comfortable atmosphere, good service, pepsi; then go here.I recommend the: Penne Pomodoro or the Lasagna.


"Great food, big portions, great people!"

Luigi's Review by : Jolean Rook

Sent: Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 8:05 PM

How many Stars: Highly Recommended for a family dinner

Review: I've never had anything at Luigis that wasn't good. Thank God they opened a location in Quinlan, it is quite literally the BEST place to eat in Quinlan. The food and flavors are spot on and Dino is a great person and business man. Just ordered take-out from here so I gotta run and get it, can't wait! Im love italian food!


Luigi's Review by : Francisco Javier de Haro

Sent: Monday, May 9, 2011 at 5:18 AM

How many Stars: 5 stars

Review: is my best restaurant


Great Italian Food 5 stars

Luigi's Review by : JP (1 review)

Sent: April 09, 2011 - Likes it

Review: I have eaten here many times, and consider myself picky. It is great Italian food with reasonable prices. I highly recommend it. "Best food on earth!"


Luigi's Review by: Dezman Anderson

Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 8:45 AM

How many Stars: 5+++ stars

Review: I love luigis we always go there, no other ittalian restraunt compars!


Luigi's Review by SherBear (2 reviews)

March 17, 2011 - Really likes it

My favorite Rockwall staple. Their pasta, bread, pizza, lobster ravioli, luigi's salad are all fantastic!


Luigi's Review by : Rob A.

Richardson, TX

Sent: 3/16/2011

Review: Been to Luigi's a couple times since moving to Rockwall. I didn't know there were this many Italians in the area - I think they all work at Luigi's! Definitely adds to the sense the food is authentic and the place is family run.

The cannelloni & manicotti are both excellent - with a slight nod to the manicotti. Luigi's special - a mix of chicken, sausage & ham over spaghetti in a cream sauce with a hint of marinara is excellent (if you can get past the fact that it looks like they dumped a can of Campbell's tomato soup on it - they didn't!).

The pizza is also quite good - cheesy with a nice crust - but not top pick unless you're just really in the mood for pizza rather than pasta, etc.

The bread is good - fresh and tasty - but not in the same league with the bread at Sicilliano's in Garland (which gets 5 stars always - 6 if I could give it!). Service is excellent. Someone always nearby to refill a drink or bring more bread.

Definitely a keeper.


Luigi's Review by : Andy S.

Royse City, TX

Sent: 3/13/2011

Review: Good food, awesome pizza!!


"Family Favorite!!"

Luigi's Review by : Jessica Harrell

Sent: Friday, March 04, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Review: We frequent the Quinlan location even though its about 20 miles out of the way for us.  That is how good the food and service are!!  The white pizza is the best for a quick take out item!!  We have all of our family get togethers and birthdays @ Luigi's!  Dino is the nicest host you will ever encounter!  If you want a truly rich, Italian experience @ a AWESOME price, order the manicotti and bread with garlic oil.  It is out of this world!!


"Oh My Gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Luigi's Review by : KLauzara - Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

Reviewed on: March 3, 2011

Review: I lived close enough to either of the locations , to be able to go anytime. I took it for granted. I have now moved to Pennsylvania and there is nothing like it here. I have had just about everything on the menue , but will have to say that the lobster Ravioli is my all time favourite . I can find nothing like it . Everyone else has tooooo much garlic , isn't as rich and creamy and I leave dissapointed everytime. If you have a chance to eat here , do so . They treat you with the utmost care and do there best to give you an incredible dining experience.

Visited January 2011


Luigi's Review by  Julie Shinneman

Every, Longview (1 review)

February 20, 2011

Wonderful salmon salad. Our waiter treated us like we were there in our prom night best - even though we had on jeans and t-shirts. The next time we're in Rockwall we're coming to Luigi's!

mobile review by Cari (1 review)

February 11, 2011 - Likes it

Everything I've eaten has been good! Best bread in town.


mobile review

Luigi's Review by  Foodie1 (1 review)

January 20, 2011 - Likes it

I am a long-time Luigi's customer & we eat there about once/week. Best Italian food I've had in Dallas & we're totally addicted to the jalapeno & pepperoni pizza there!! Blows chain pizza places away. Eggplant Parmesan is my favorite Italian dish there--the best I have ever had. I used to practically drink the sauce on the lobster ravioli--so amazing but either my tastebuds have changed or they changed the sauce a little after the remodel a few years back & now it's almost too salty. Still great, though, as is linguini & clams--simply yum & I get about 4 meals out of it. Love this place!


Luigi's Review by  Lauren C.


We LOVE this place! The food is ALWAYS delicious and the price is very affordable. I can always count on a great meal here and it is very family friendly. The bread is simply to die for. When my family comes in from out of town they ALL ask to go to Luigis. I just can't say enough about how super this place is.


Luigi's Review by  Shannon


We visited this restaurant on a Friday night and it was GREAT! My husband got pizza and I got chicken fettucini. It was fabulous. We will go again.


Luigi's Review by  Maddie K.


Fantastic Italian Cafe in the small town of Rockwall! It's not good for having a conversation with someone but everything has been outstanding thus far! The bread is fantastic, but a dieter's nightmare! My favorite entree would have to be the Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce. Everything is fresh and delicious. Great for kids, not great for a date!


Luigi's Review by  Lori T


We visited Luigi's tonight for the first time. My boyfriend chose Luigi's based on the reviews, and I must say the reviews were spot on. We decided on a bottle of DeVinci Chianti with the input of the waiter, it turned out to be a really good choice. We had Bob's dip for our oh-so-fresh bread (thank you "eathere") and it was incredible. The house dressing on our salads was really great, and the lettuce was fresh and crisp. I had the Luigi's special, which was a chicken breast, sausage, ham, and roasted peppers in a white wine sauce with a hint of marinara over spaghetti. One of the best Italian dishes to ever grace my plate. My boyfriend had the lobster raviolli. Big plump raviolli with wonderful chunks of lobster tail and peppers in a creamy sauce. The service from our very friendly waiter was excellent, and the prices were very reasonable...


Luigi's Review by  Mrs Wall




Luigi's Review by  eathere


Great Italian time you are there try Bob's dip... 5 stars


Luigi's Review by  Kendall K.


I LOVE this restaurant, people! Their bread is so good, number one. I am a garlic freak, which apparently works for this place, because they are not shy with it. But hey, that is a thumbs up for me. We ordered the "Bob's Dip" appetizer, which is this bowl of dip for your bread. It's kind of like an Italian version of pico de gallo except it's in oil, and loaded with- you guessed it- garlic. YUM! We took the rest of it home for a late night snack because they give you a lot of it.

I ordered the homemade cheese ravioli, which was super. It was just out of the oven with yummy baked cheese on top. My fiance got what I think was called the Luigi's Special, but I can't remember for sure. It was sort of a hodge podge of stuff on some pasta with this killer tomato creme sauce. Super rich, but I tasted it and it was good too. They had a wine special when we went last and we got a bottle of wine for around 10-15 bucks.

I am new to the Rockwall area, but apparently this place has been around for the long haul and everyone I have talked to seems to love it too. They have a lot of loyal customers. I eavesdropped on the waitress talking to a family next to our table about how they were back to eat there for the second time in one day...? I don't know if I would go that far, but it is really good.


Luigi's Review by  ash m.


Great food, Good service, clean and open building..

Love the Cheesecake first and foremost lol

I moved to my new house down the street ..

so tried luigis a few times.. Love the chicken parm.. and tried the chicken alfredo..which was rich and creamy..

Only thing i didnt like so far was the chicken picata.. me.not my style..wasnt what I was expecting..

My friend Lamont tried the eggplant parm...not sure what he thought about it..he had a bad pre meal i think so might have ruined it for him.. he didnt love it.. but he said it wasnt bad..

Great owner.. Actually italian..


Fair prices too.. Wine!!!

Luigi's Review by  Summer Davis (14 reviews)

April 18, 2010 - Likes it

Luigi's is great. Pleasant atmosphere, great food and good service. Huge menu and everything we've had has been great from pastas to desert. Photo of James H.



Luigi's Review by  James H.

Savannah, GA


As for Rockwall or the DFW area for Italian food, this is as good as it gets.

Very good food. Excellent customer service and clean. The owners are very friendly and frequent the customers insuring everything is ok


Luigi's Review by  Chris


Went twice in the last 2 weeks. Excellent, attentive service both times. First visit, food was well presented and very appetizing. It was also served very quickly. Second visit, food was plentiful, but quality not too good. Wife had sampler pasta dish and only Canelloni was tasty. Too much cheese overall. I had Spagettini, the Works - too much sauce and not enough pasta. Sweet rather than spicy. Left half on plate. To top it all, the server told us to pay at the front. We found a queue of 12 people, all using credit cards (Friday evening 9:00pm). We dumped our $40 on the desk and left. Good - the house bottled Malbec at $13.99 was exceptional value and passable wine. Would we go back? - yes. But manage your dinner experience.


Luigi's Review by  realtor


Great Pasta,Excellent service, 5 stars! Luigi's know's what they are doing.


Luigi's Review by  Mel


Took a group of my co-workers to lunch for Christmas at Luigi's. Parking is always great and service was amazing, the food was very tasty. We had the Picatta Chicken, Lasagna, wonderful Pasta salad, and Meatball Sub,Yum!

We were on a time schedule and had everything served and cleared and we just were very satisfied with the entire experience. Mario was very friendly and offered to cater and deliver to our office if ever needed, just wonderful customer service. Thanks Guys!


Luigi's Review by  kyle


Luigi's is great. I live an hour away from there and we go at least once a year on christmas eve. The rolls at the beginning of the meal are the best anywhere (make sure you get the olive oil and garlic dipping sauce) my kids love the pizza and calzones - husband loves the chicken alfredo


Luigi's Review by George E.

Rockwall, TX


This is our local "go to" Italian restaurant and we've always had a good meal.  The staff are courteous and service has always been good.  The food is very good.  Not real fancy, but a step up from average Italian restaurants.  Good prices make this an excellent value.

Crowded on weekends, but worth a little wait.


Luigi's Review by  Dorothy


This is one of the best places I have ever eaten at. Every one there is so friendly from the waiters to the owners yes the owners even come out and talk to you and make sure your doing ok.


Luigi's Review by  Cyndi Gilliam Schoen (1 review)

July 04, 2009

Looking for some good pizza and found a little piece of heaven! Yummm!


Luigi's Review by  Daliah Fowler (2 reviews)

April 10, 2009 - Likes it

Their house salad and dressing are great. Everything I've had is good. Prices are very resonable. I love their tortalini ala panna.


Luigi's Review by  Lisa W. (4 reviews)

February 04, 2009 - Likes it

Surprisingly Excellent! Who would have thought there would be such outstanding Italian food in little 'ol Rockwall? Super value. FAR outshines any national, Good waitstaff, comfortable surroundings, nice wine list.


Luigi's Review by  PancakeCess


I held a surprise birthday party here and it was great. The food and service were excellent. The food is priced well and the portion sizes were good.


Luigi's Review by Tom C.

Richardson, TX


Had a great dining experience here for my first visit.

My dinner companion is a regular so I gladly deferred and let him do the ordering for us. We started by sharing the fried calamari and the crabcakes.  The calamari was excellent; perfectly cooked with a very light breading.  The crabcakes were also delicious, made additionally rich and decadent as they were smothered in a very tasty cream sauce.

As a main meal, we shared the Sicilian deep dish pizza with the works. It was huge (16 x 16), covered with a generous load of topping. 2 pieces each were more with we could comfortably finish.

Despite my discomfort, my companion insisted we share a piece of their NY cheesecake. It was also fabulous; my test of a great cheesecake is that it needs no topping, and this sure filled the bill.

Service was exceptionally pleasant and attentive and prices reasonable for the quality and portion sizes. I look forward to a return visit.

good food

by Mark (3 reviews)

December 15, 2008 - Likes it

really good food for the money... and nice people


Luigi's Review by  MF


I have been going to Luigi's for many years now, and not once have I ever left feeling anything other than completely full and satisfied. It is simply the best Italian food I have ever eaten, and I make sure Val is my waiter every time I eat there. Three must haves are the Chicken Parmigiana, Chicken Carchovie, and the Canelloni. SUPERB!


Luigi's Review by  Jason Alexander


Luigi's is awesome. The owner(s) are all brothers, I believe, and seem to be a tight nit bunch. The food and service are great. My wife gets the lobster ravioli and I tend to do the gnocchi - both are excellent.


Luigi's Review by  Sly Fox


Decent Italian Food.....

I have been going to Luigis for about 5 years now. As a Rockwall resident from Brooklyn, NY..... I know Italian food.

The tomato sauce is very good and the portions on most dishes are generous. The wait staff are all friendly and you will see the owner working along side them most of the time.

The pizza is the closest thing you are going to find to "NY Style Pizza" East of Ray Hubbard.

The atmosphere is very relaxed, and always packed with locals.

Not bad for a bunch of guys who are not even Italian!


Luigi's Review by  h wilson


my gosh - the very best italian food in the metroplex....worth the drive even if you dont live in Rockwall......great takeout service also...


Luigi's Review by  3-1337 7k


When I moved to Rockwall it was the first place I ever ate at and I have now been living here a year and they all know me by first name. I get the chicken tetrazzini almost every time I go. I am going to be having some tonight yum!!! 5 stars plus I love there food and there bread. There isn't a single dish I have gotten that I haven't liked :)


Luigi's Review by  a Yahoo! Local User


I must say I was very displeased Friday May 9th. I ordered a to go order and got back and the food was so salty I couldn't finish it.

The Bread was a bit hard but that wasn't the main issue.

The Salad was OK with the house dressing.

I have gone here for a couple of years and the food has always been great!

Maybe they had an off night, but my $25 hard earned money went down the drain.

I had the Manicotti with alfredo sauce in case you're wondering.

Will I go back? Yes, I probably will because I still think it blows Olive Garden out of the water. I'm just going to wait awhile.



Luigi's Review by niffny


I miss this place like crazy! It is the best Italian food I have ever put in my mouth. The bread and garlic/oil dipping sauce is amazing! I love the Chicken Albanese. The food is so rich and authentic, even though the staff is Albanian! Excellent prices. Absolutely one of my most missed memories of Rockwall!


Review by tr


Best pizza in Rockwall, hands down. Possibly even the best in the greater Dallas Metroplex. The rest of the food is also delicious with many of the recipes staying true to their Italian heritage.


Review by SIncerelyyours


This is my favorite place to eat. My Family and i have been going here for a long time and i have never had a bad experience. I love the staff and how well they take care of me when i come in to visit. Mario is also the best. Always takes care of his restraunt and knows whats best for his customers.


Review by Zingy


visited there twice in three days! i've only had their soup with chicken, and it's the freshest i've ever had. every bite has a different flavor because there's so many veggies in it. my guy said it looked more like a stew. he had the spaghetti the second time i've gone, and he rated it highly (leftovers good for my late-night snack). they serve fresh steaming hot cresent-type rolls before the meals, and they're perfect - don't need any dipping at all. huge selection of wines, and they have beers, too. wait staff is amazing; very handsome men. decor is great, and the background music is perfect. they don't seat everyone in the same section, they spread you out all over the large restaurant. the frst time i went i was alone, and they treated me regally.


Review by boomer


My first time at Luigis was last week, Jan,2008 and we were very pleased with the food, service and prices ! They earned the 5 stars i,m glady giving them.


by Chip Clark


allapanna sauce: If you go, spend the extra money and get the "Alla panna" sauce for dipping it is wonderful. Prices are reasonable and the service is always good.


Review by mk


family friendly: The wait-staff takes screaming babies and whiny tots in stride, and the food is fresh, delicious and the bread is to die for.

Great after church location,they just add tables for larger groups.

And they pay attention to the solitary diner.


Review by Kelly


Yum: One thing i miss about rockwall is Luigi's! Even before it was remodeled they had the best itailian food in Rockwall! And their pizza is better than all the places i've here in Indiana!


Review by mmroman27@...


Um um um: They just remodeld and its so nice and the waiters are all men they are all from I think Spain or Italy the food is great all the bread you want and the trio is the best to me.And a great selection of wine


by a Yahoo! Local User


its the full package: I compare every italian restaurant I go to with Luigis, and it can't be beat. It's hard to keep from falling in love with the great food, prises, and friendly Italian like service. The remodeled place in Rockwall is gorgeous...perfect for any occasion.


Review by a Yahoo! Local User


Gotta love Luigi's: So I went to Italy to compare the service, and it's about the same. Luigi's has the same atmostphere and amazing service. You have to ask them to sing Happy Birthday if you really want to go the mile!


Review by Cat Cat


Looove IT: Great food, fun service, good price. Just can't beat a Luigi!


Review by Share


I adore this place: There are 3 Luigi's restaurants out my way now... So you know that they must be good! Still the one in Rockwall is my favorite... Absolutely love the Bread!!! and the service is fantastic!


Review by Steven


Fantastic!: If you are in the mood for a dining experience, Luigi's is the place to go.


Review by: JimT




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